The things that Storm my 14 lb. cat has taught me…
  1. A cat covers his droppings. Clean up after yourself, it makes it easy on everyone. Go team!
  2. A cat eats only when he is hungry. Eat when you are hungry, not to fill another need.
  3. A cat loves completely. Cats love you or not. There is no halfway with them. Love someone with you whole heart unconditionally.
  4. Cats Purr. That’s the way a cat praises you. Praise people often. Let them know what they are doing right. It’s another way to say “I love you”.
  5. Cats leap. A cat doesn’t halfway jump. When he jumps, he commits fully to the jump. Commit yourself fully to what you are doing. Mistakes can always be changed later.
  6. A cat is soft to the touch. Be soft to the people around you. No one like a porky pine cat…
  7. A cat lands on his feet. Even after a bad fall. Don’t let life’s problems defeat you. Be a cat. Land on your feet, then leap!
  8. Cats have claws. He keeps them sheathed until he needs them. Because sometimes you’ve gotta gob smack someone.
  9. Cats have extra vertebrae. The extra vertebrae gives them flexibility. Helps them to land on their feet. Be flexible!
  10. And finally, cats have big ears to listen with. Be a good listener.
Storm the cat

The edge

Posted: December 1, 2014 in Uncategorized


The skeletons of the dead littered the bottom of the chasm.

He’d been to the edge so many times before. The air was cold as was he. Many had gone before him. Embracing the mystery of what came after. But not him. He was alone in his shame.

He stayed away from her when could. Her scalding words and claws still phantomly scraping his raw skin. Dry and grey was he in this time of unforgiveness.

He headed out and away. To a hidden place, where his thoughts could run free without fear of discovery. He known a girl once. She was soft and beautiful. Without guile some would say. A rare quality in his race. Some thought a treasure. And so she was stolen away before he even really understood. So he sat in this cave, his mind drifting like the wind. Pleasant thoughts of other days and perhaps even other lives drifting through him. He no longer wished for perfection as he had in his youth. The female form taunting him as he crept by. There was no peace to be found in the grunting and thrusting of youth. Only the eternal burning of life’s short wick. Ever growing shorter. The ledge, the abyss calling out in the wind.

His people’s time, was a time of monsters. They themselves stalking through the darkness, monsters one and all. There was no escape. Not even the sacred escarpment root offered solace to the most lost among them. Only the ledge and what lie beyond.

He swayed upon the edge. The wind not an ally, but seeming to pull at him. Soft and sweet, pulling at his clawed footing. He unconsciously gripped harder, his talons digging into the virgin dirt and rock.

Another cycle. Another chance of redemption slowly slipping away from him as he stood trembling in fear.
So many had come before him. Had they too struggled and fought against the weight, neigh the mighty pull and draw of the abyss? He new not and worse, felt he would in all likelihood never know. Cowering and hiding until one day he simply crumbed and the wind swept his grey ashes away. World without end, never knowing. Never reaching. Always standing in the shadows. Never knowing the sun, never knowing anything other than the cursed trembling of fear. His retched life lost.
He started back along the trail. She would be back soon, her pound of flesh due. He steeled himself for what came after. It always came after. The claws raking his tired and wretched skin. The hungry eyes that never sought. The empty soil that only wanted to poison and control.

He dreamed he was falling. The wind ripped and tore at him. His flesh flapping freely, the pain exquisite. His blood, the blood of his fore fathers running freely, arterial spray misting into the wind. The bones strewn bottom ground rushing up to meet him. He stretch his arms out to embrace death’s dark door.

To awake.

Still here. Not dead. Not still. Not in the eternal mystery of what came after. He drew himself upright and extended his sheathed claws. A thin line of blood tracing itself along the floor. Shambling, he dragged himself up and out the door. Away from the dreams, away from the night, away.

He sat looking out over the edge. The pain a steady burn deep inside of him. He hadn’t escaped cleanly that evening. The wounds dripping with the blood of innocents slowly creating a pool beneath him. He leaned forward wishing to jump even as his claws dug in deeper to grasp the foul earth.
No mercy, for he had given none. No respite, for that world had long since past.

He turned away one more time. His unsheathed claws scraping the ground with a raspy sound of death. Moving back toward the shadows. Toward the familiarity that he sought him out rather than he. Turning slowly, he looked one last time before departing for the morrow. Looking there, his flesh gone stiff. His leg quite unlike him with almost a life of it own pounded down. Then another and another until he felt his body hurtling towards the chasm at a speed he had never known in this incarnation of life. Raging forward, he was propelled towards the edge and the darkness that it held.

He did not even see the edge before he was gone and away. Falling. Falling into the unknown abyss that he had feared and avoided his entire life.

As he fell, he felt himself twisted and turned. A terrible pain that ate into him. That unreturnable sin that was he falling unto his death. The others had said to jump was to die. And now he knew it was true.
His torn grey skin began to glow bright white with the heat of wind burning. He had never truly known love and now never would. But it didn’t matter. At least the pain that ate at his shriveled heart would end.

A searing pain ripped into his back as he felt a sheaf of skin tear away. Blood splashed and misted as he fell. Faster, ever faster toward the bottom and the end of all things. The mystery that came after. His mind skittered and flipped. Terror pulling at him. Peace a distant ally on an edge that never came.

He felt a distant sense of himself stretch his arms out before him. Diving in the the abyss. Faster and faster, deeper did he go. His consciousness at the edge of being lost.

Until there came a tear.

The universe itself ripping itself in front of him. A flash bang slam of air punching him back. He felt strength flood into his limbs and great wings beat behind him. Great feathered wings of gossamer white.

And he flew…

Before him was the sky, the abyss a small rift far below. Around him many other wings beat out a pleasurable timbre of melodious air. And all around him was life.

He didn’t look back…


Timeout (Post from early 2013)

Posted: August 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

I was fortunate. A time timeout came my way.

I could choose to feel that old familiar panic or I could decide that this is an adventure. A timeout experience. I was able to go take a class I have wanted to take for some time. It was challenging and it was fun (and I am now a certified instructor!).

I am looking outside the box for my next gig. I have had time to think it over and want to find something where my contributions actually help the bottom line of the organization. Where I can stick to my ethics and not be held in disregard or contempt. In the past, I have listened to Dave Ramsey talk about the customer you can’t afford. This is the customer that you will lose concentration, money, time and effort on. I think that there are employers like this also.

We all need to make a living. More excitingly, we actually get to choose where and who we work with. We can start our own business. Succeeding wildly or failing spectacularly. Either way, it is your choice.

Years ago, I used to program in C. I haven’t been active with C since 2001. I am taking it back up (fast!). I still use Perl for my programming, but I am going to use C when I need something bare metal and fast as hell running.

Yes, the timeout is kind of fun. Too bad it will end soon…